Sieges of Hof
Hof has been under seige at least twice in its long history.
The Seige of Hof 1553AD. it was a battle between Viscount
Heinreich Reuss of Plauen and Count Albrecht of Hof.
Heinrich had arranged an alliance with the Bishops of
Bamberg and Wurzburg, and with the city of Nurnberg
against Albrecht, who was considered a troublemaker at the
time, for resisting the rule of the Saxons. It was
also a "preview" of sorts of the religious wars that were to
tear central Europe apart later. (Thirty Years' War).

The woodcut by Hans Glaser is in "Kleine Geschichte des
Hof". Tnx Gary Dempsey
2nd Bat, 358th IR, 90ID attacking in Hof, April 15th, 1945.
Note the un-armed Volksturm member on the right side of
the pic.
The Schultheiss Backerei is in the background.

From the 90th ID yearhbook.