Enter Chat Room
Chat Room User Guide
Accessing the Chat Room

    Complete Required Fields

    Your Name/Alias:  Enter a unique name that will be used to identify you.  It
    will appear in front of each message you type and be used to announce your
    arrival and departure, ( for example, John or John Smith or Smitty or JohnS).  
    Please do not use numbers or symbols. It is helpful to use something close to
    your real name as opposed to a cover name like fuzzy123 so that others will
    know who posted.

    Choose a color:  Select the color you want your name to be displayed in.  
    Green is default.

    Select Optional Preferences

    Admin Password:  No Action Required

    Text direction: Select the direction you want the text to be displayed on the
    screen.  Top-Down or Bottom-Up.   Default is Top-down

    Chat alerts:  Select how you want to be notified when a new message arrives
    or a person enters or exits.  Alert by sound is only available on Internet
    Explorer Browser.

    Enter Room – Click on button to enter chat room

    Book Marking Chat Room

    There is a button "Bookmark Room" that is available after you exit a chat
    session.  Click on this button and a bookmark will be added.  You can access
    the chat room using this book mark or you can access the chat room from the
    association web site.  There is a chance that the link to the chat room may
    change in the future, if your book mark does not work then return to the
    association web site and try linking from there.

    Options Within the Chat Room


    Invite People:  Creates an e-mail that will be sent immediately to a
    person or persons to the join you in the chart room.

    Save/Print:  Open a separate window that is formatted for printing or
    save the chat session to disk.

    Clear Room:  Chat Room Administration may clear all session input.

    Leave Chat:  Used to end chat session.  A message will also be
    placed on the chat screen you have left the chat session.

    My Preferences:  List current preferences and provides interface to
    change preferences.

    Room Properties:  List current Room Properties.

    Visitor:  View a list of recent room visitors.