6915th Security Group
The 6915th Security Group of the USAF Security Service was
organized in 1964 at Hohe Saas near Kingsley Kasern in Hof/Salle,
Bavaria. Prior lineage units were the 6915th Security Squadron
from about 1960 to 1964. Prior to that were field mobile AF
detachemts, the 6910th Det 5 and the 6912 Det 3. Earlier in the
50's USASA detachments, the 114th and the 116 Comm Squadrons
were located here, followed by 532nd MI Brigade detachments.

The 6915th RGM ceased operating this site in 1972 and turned
control over to the Deutcheluftwaffe and the Fernmeldungsdienst.
It stil operates today (2002)as an R&D site for the Luftwaffe.  
Ein Bayrischer Siber!

This beautiful late winter picture is by Joe Dernoga...

The sun did shine in Hof from time to time.
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